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30 ml = 1kg of Natural Sugar

Nectarea Sweet
Light Drops

30ml = 600 drops = 300 cups of tea

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About Sweet Light Drop
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops
Nectarea Sweet Light Drops

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Nectarea Sweet Light Dis a new-age, sugar-free, zero-calorie sweetener suitable for daily consumption with tea, coffee, and other cooked foods. Easy-to-carry and convenient to pour, Sweet Light drops make is an ideal sugar substitute for people with an active, on-the-go routine. It is recommended for people with diabetes and health enthusiasts and is Safe for heart patients, children, pregnant women.

If you like to eat clean, Sweet Light is the pick for you as it is completely Vegan, Gluten-free & GMO-free.

  • Zero Calorie
  • Easy to pour, convenient to carry, liquid format
  • Recommended for diabetics
  • Safe for Heart patients
  • Vegan, Gluten-free & GMO-free
  • Suitable for cooking, boiling & baking
  • 100% heat stable
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Nectarea - The best artificial sweetener for one and all.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you diabetic too? Well, the perfect way to enjoy sweet dishes without having to worry about the calorie count is possible and Nectarea is here to help you out. Most zero calorie sweeteners in the market are either unhealthy alternatives to natural sugar or are worse that don’t suit diabetics and patients with high blood sugar issues. Nectarea products like the artificial sweeteners are specifically manufactured keeping into account the number of calories these infuse into our bodies. We are in the business of making healthy sweeteners an important part of your life even if you are a diabetic. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Nectarea takes pride in making the best low calorie sweeteners for diabetics. Our products are high-grade and are manufactured keeping in mind the prerequisites of a diabetic person along with making a healthy sweetener. A healthy artificial sweetener that works for all is the one that is vegan, gluten-free, sugarfree, zero calorie and GMO free too! With Nectarea artificial sweeteners, diabetics can satiate their tastebuds and maintain a healthy, calorie-free diet too. Our products are new-age artificial sweeteners that can be used for daily consumption with food and beverages. Our artificial sweeteners are easy to be used and safe for heart patients, pregnant women and children too.

With Nectarea artificial sweeteners you can try out various recipes that you have been consuming without sugar or using an unhealthy alternative. Satiate that sweet tooth with recipes like Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, and many such sweet dishes that you’ve been craving to consume. It is time to be healthier and enjoy life with the best artificial sweetener out there. Our products are made with pesticide-free processes to be more nutritious, tastier, disease-free, and easy to digest.

If you are not a diabetic person and are a health-conscious individual who just wants to skip the sugar and add a healthier alternative, Nectarea products are here to serve the purpose. For a healthy individual who is looking to maintain a strict diet, you can add Nectarea to your diet routine without having to worry about any harmful effects. People who are on a keto diet can choose this too. Ours are keto friendly sweeteners that have 0 calorie in them. So go ahead, and try them if you are conscious about what you’re putting into your body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe for heart patients and pregnant women?

Yes. Nectarea products are 100% safe to be consumed for patients with a history of heart diseases or pregnant women too!

Will it cause any digestive issues for me?

No. Nectarea products are Gluten-Free and thus help in easy digestion.

Are animal-based products used in your artificial sweeteners?

No. Nectarea products are 100% vegan and can be consumed by everyone.

Will I put on weight if I use artificial sweeteners?

No. Nectarea products contain absolutely zero calories and you cannot put on weight if you consume our products. Thus, they are healthy artificial sweeteners.

Can these products be used while boiling?

Yes. Nectarea artificial sweeteners can be used while boiling, cooking and baking too.

Can a diabetic person use this artificial sweetener?

Yes. Nectarea products are 100% recommended for diabetic people and are safe to be consumed by diabetic people as they contain 0 calories and are 100% sugarfree.

Can children use artificial sweeteners?

Yes. Nectarea products can be consumed by children and are safe.

Can consuming artificial sweeteners cause allergy to me?

No. Nectarea products are GMO-free, Gluten-free and 100% vegan. We don’t use any animal-based products to manufacture Nectarea artificial sweeteners.