Best Artificial Sweetener For Diabetics

Sugar substitutes or “artificial sweeteners as they are called, are a great addition to a diabetic person’s diet. This allows them the liberty to be able to enjoy foods that are conventionally a strict no-no. Diabetic people are supposed to keep their blood sugar levels balanced in order to avoid any complications and for a lot of people it becomes a big task having to control their sweet tooth. Artificial sweetener is their best friend.

Artificial sweeteners” became a necessity for people to enjoy sweet without having the disadvantages of sugar. Artificial sweeteners are healthy alternatives for diabetics who are looking to cut down on sugar completely and switch to an alternative that makes quitting sugar relatively easier thereby also reducing the psychological stress that they must go through. Nectarea gives you countless reasons why you should switch to an artificial sweetener in 2020 and why as a diabetic it is important.

Table sugar is a substance that carries a higher glycemic index. A higher glycemic index means bad news for a diabetic as it makes your blood sugar levels shoot up very quickly. Thus, diabetics are advised to consume lesser quantities of rice and other foods that are high in glycemic index. “Nectarea artificial sweeteners” are literally 0-calories sweeteners which means you consume 0 calories and get the exact sweet taste that you want without worrying about the ill effects of sugar in your body. You can maintain your calorie intake for the day and not even worry about increasing your risks. Embracing a healthy lifestyle through Nectarea artificial sweeteners could be your best decision that will help you make the right change and add safety with a hint of enjoyment.

Artificial sweeteners have come in a lot of kinds and brands. Choosing the right brand means digging deeper into their product composition and asking the question whether that is safe. Artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes are two different concepts. While the former is used to completely replace sugar with zero calories the latter is used in moderation that has relatively fewer calories than table sugar. The bigger question that arises now is what brand to choose for your artificial sweetener? What are the product benefits and are they naturally processed? A naturally processed artificial sweetener is hard to come by and that’s where we swoop in!

Artificial sweeteners from Nectarea are high-grade, 0-calories, and risk-free for a diabetic person. We manufacture artificial sweeteners that are 100% vegan, which means there are no animal products used in any of the processes and it is completely safe. People who are allergic can be rest assured that we use a 100% natural process in producing a 100% natural product that can be consumed easily.


Nectarea Sweet Light Drops is a sugar-free, zero-calorie sweetener that is recommended for diabetics who are looking to control their blood sugar levels and keep it balanced. This product is 100% vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free. It has 0 calories and it is in a liquid form which makes it easier for you to cook and consume as and when required. It is a heat-stable product meaning it will not lose its flavor even when it is used in boiling or for cooking purposes.

This is a product which you could check out and add to your diet if you are diabetic. The benefits are multifold, and you get to enjoy your favorite sweet dishes along with the regular alternative to sugar. A perfect diet is the diet that has longevity and can be sustained with minimal changes from time to time and by adding an artificial sweetener to your diet, you not only make your diet easy to follow but also make it interesting.

A diabetic person typically eats about 1200 calories per day. In those 1200 calories, there is no sugar, no fast-acting carbohydrates and nothing that would spike the blood sugar levels. Adding an artificial sweetener is also a psychological satisfaction for a diabetic person making them feel like a normal person who is not skipping sugar. But are they healthy enough for a diabetic person? Are artificial sweeteners safe for consumption for a diabetic person? This is exactly the question you should ask. Here are 5 reasons why you should add Nectarea as your artificial sweetener buddy, if you are diabetic –

  1. Zero means literally zero calories
    Not consuming sugar but consuming Nectarea artificial sweetener will make you feel good. Sugar has a lot of calories. Did you know that a 12 oz can of Classic Soda consists a whopping 140 calories? Most of those 140 calories are sugar and nothing else. Avoiding sugar if you are a diabetic person and embracing an alternative would be one of the best decisions you take for your wellbeing.

  2. 100% Vegan products
    Nectarea products are 100% plant-based and do not contain any animal products even in the manufacturing process. So, it is safe to be consumed by people who are allergic to consume any substance that is added to the manufacturing process. Unlike other artificial sweeteners, Nectarea artificial sweeteners do not include animal-based products and are completely free of any side-effects.

  3. GMO-Free, Gluten-Free
    Our products are 100% GMO-Free and are safe to be consumed even by heart patients, pregnant women, and babies too. Our products are 100% natural and plant-based that contain plant extracts. These are derived from natural sources and are not artificially produced or genetically modified.

  4. No blood sugar spike
    Nectarea artificial sweeteners are zero-calorie and contain nothing but sweetness. Since there are no calories, it does not make your blood sugar spike. You can enjoy your Gajar ka Halwa and the occasional sweet dish while you are still under pretty good control.

  5. A healthy lifestyle
    A naturally processed artificial sweetener is what you need if you are diabetic and want to ensure your life is not turned upside down with the crazy amount of diet restrictions. You are free to cook whatever you like without stressing so much about the blood-sugar levels to be maintained.