Artificial Sweeteners in 2020: Are they Good for you?

Artificial Sweeteners are the talk of the town when people start discussing “Diet” or “Sugar”. Diabetics often lean towards the alternative to sugar which is an artificial sweetener. Millions of people across the world term them as “healthy sweeteners” and are using them to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet by ditching the good old sugar. But are they any good?

"Artificial Sweeteners" came into being when the need for replacing sugar became an innate requirement for diabetics, diet freaks and health conscious people. It is 2020 and a lot of companies have come up with the best artificial sweeteners which are being marketed as healthy alternatives to sugar. Nectarea gives you innumerable reasons why you should switch to an artificial sweetener in 2020.

Nectarea brings you the best artificial sweetener for diabetics and you, health freaks! "Artificial sweeteners" tend to carry a relatively log glycemic index. Glycemic Index is a ranking system that measures the rate at which a type of food may increase a person’s blood sugar levels. Using "artificial sweeteners" drastically reduces the risk of elevating your blood sugar levels and maintain your calorie intake for the day. Including artificial sweeteners could be one of the best changes you could make in your dietary routine.

Nectarea’s products are high-grade and are manufactured keeping in mind all the requirements of a diabetic person as well as a person who checks up on their daily calorie intake. The best artificial sweetener is the one which does not lose its flavor at high temperatures. This is called a heat-stable artificial sweetener. Nectarea takes pride in making heat-stable products which means that it can be used easily while cooking and it will not lose its flavor. Another good indicator of a good artificial sweetener is that it should be gluten-free. Nectarea products are vegan, gluten-free, sugarfree, zero calorie and GMO free too!

The best artificial sweetener is the one that - checks all the boxes in the list of safety. Allergy is one big concern for consumers to be reluctant from using artificial sweeteners. Nectarea products are 100% GMO-Free and this is a major reason why we take pride in marketing to all our loyal consumers that it is 100% GMO-Free, Vegan and that it doesn’t contain any animal-based products that could cause any harm to the human body. Nectarea products are plant-based extracts and are safe to be consumed by diabetics. So naturally, health-freaks could easily switch to these without any hesitation.

The best artificial sweetener is the one that – does not make you put on unnecessary weight. A zero-calorie alternative is hard to find but Nectarea gives you the perfect product that is the best artificial sweetener for diabetics and health-freaks! Nectarea products are 0 calorie products that can be consumed without the fear of putting on weight. Our products are 100% gluten-free which also makes it easy to digest and does not make you feel bloated. A lot of users in the past have complained of bloating and feeling full after consuming various other artificial sweeteners from other brands but we give you something that is easy on your stomach and the best experience for your body.

The Verdict –

If your artificial sweetener checks all these boxes, it is good for you and the best artificial sweetener for you. Try Nectarea products to get the ultimate artificial sweetener that could add the best value to your life while you try to control your diet and continue to enjoy the sweetness.